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Ian Stokes
Chief Executive at The EIC
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Post date: Tuesday, 28th August 2012

Welcome to the 2012/2013 EIC Procurement Guide – the UK’s most comprehensive directory on suppliers and contractors across the UK energy sector.

Following on from the successful launch of a new format for the guide in 2012 and the receipt of such positive feedback, we are delighted to be continuing along the same lines with our 2012/2013 version.

Ease of use and the very latest industry information are two of the most important elements of the EIC Procurement Guide. We want the guide to be a one-stop shop for operators and contractors in the UK and overseas enabling them to be able to navigate the guide and the information they need as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

The combination of the hard-copy version together with the online version has been a great success and the easy to use search technology of the online guide as well as our ability to update information in real-time has proved to be particularly effective.

We are also planning further innovations to the guide over the coming 12 months which include launching country-specific procurement guides in acknowledgement of some of the world’s fastest growing energy regions. Brazil and Middle East-based procurement guides are likely to be the first of these to come to market.

As the leading trade association for UK supply chain companies, the EIC takes great pride in its close relations with operators and EPC contractors.

We hope that the latest Guide will strengthen this relationship further in developing strong, mutually beneficial and profitable relationships throughout the UK energy sector.

Finally, we always look to make our guides as comprehensive as possible and would welcome additional non-member companies provided they meet the eligibility criteria – that they are UK registered companies and that they supply goods and services to the energy industries.

For further information on being included in our guides, please contact Nina Conway on 01625 667597 /

For further information on the benefits of EIC Membership and the other services that we provide please contact the Membership team at: 

This foreword was taken from EIC Procurement Guide 2012/13. To read the entire publication, click on the ebook.

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