Credit from banks to small businesses has risen - but is this enough?

Sophie Murra
Manager at Sharemark
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Post date: Friday, 30th September 2011

Intro: Sophie Murra, manager of Sharemark, comments on the Bank of England's credit conditions survey for Q3.

While it is undoubtedly pleasing that there has been a small rise in the amount of credit banks made available to small businesses in the last quarter, there are major concerns that access to finance will continue to be a problem.

The eurozone debt crisis means banks are still warning of uncertainty surrounding future growth prospects across several core industries and how they are likely to continue to offer very restricted lending.

The government has consistently declared that small businesses will be at the heart of economic recovery, but has done very little to help them so far.

In the light of this limited assistance for such an important sector of businesses, we recently launched Sharemark's Primary Fundraising scheme where retail investors have the opportunity to directly invest in growing SMEs.

Many small businesses consistently struggle to acquire their fundraising targets through traditional means and we encourage them in these tough economic times to consider alternative funding. 

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